Hello!  As you can see we have added a few names to our Classmates list.

This is by no means a complete list of classmates.  If you know of someone that is not on this list, please let us know.


If any of you have a picture you'd like to post here and a little short bio about yourself, what you're doing now, we'd love to have that information as well.    If you should see an error, gently send us a correction!  We apologize...but its been a while since we've had to spell our classmates names.  Jut send it to the link below for the webmaster!

To contact the Web Master to submit information you may e-mail: 




After all, we'd like to make this a wonderful website for YOU to get to know one another again and update our fellow classmates as to where we are, what we're up to these days, and whether you'd like to plan a reunion.



If you know of someone who would like to visit this site and post their comments, please send them the link.

We'd love to hear any and all comments on this to make it user friendly and of great benefit to those who visit us here.

Thanks, Greg

These are in alphabetical order by last name.  We thought it might be easier for you to find your fellow classmates.

If you are on this list and would like to post your e-mail address, the years you actually attended Bise School or if you have a web site, please pass it along!  If you have a story about your remembrances of attending Bise School we'd love to read those too!

They say a picture is a thousand words...we'd like to have a picture and the words too !  We're greedy!


Arrowood, Bill


Arrowood, Elizabeth


Arrowood, Jimmy


Baker, Eugene


Baker, Larry


Baker, Ronald Jack


Baker, Sheila


Bise, Cecil


Bise, Curt


Bise, Freddie


Bise, Inis


Bise, Janice


Bise, Larry


Bise, Mabel


Bise, Mary


Bise, Older Brother


Bise, Peggy


Bise, Robert


Bise, Rosalie

Bise, Sue Powers


Bise, Tom


Bostic, Jane


Bostic, Martha


Bostic, Stuart Wayne


Bostic, Willis Wade


Buchanan, David


Carty, Bubbles


Carty, Dena


Carty, Marilyn


Carty, Rhonda


Carty, Rocky


Clay, Gary


Clay, Helen


Clay, Roger


Clay, Sammy


Clay. Don


Fleming, Judy


Fleming, Louvena


Fleming, Norma


Fletcher, Jerry


Fletcher, Sandra


Hayes, Barbara


Hayes, Darrell


Hayes, Paul


Mullins, Charlotte


Mullins, Junior (jr.)


Mullins, Roy


Puckett, Cheryl


Puckett, Janice


Puckett, Joyce


Puckett, Lana


Puckett, Randy


Puckett, Roger


Rasnick, Jimmy


Ratliff, Ayers Ray


Ratliff, Carolyn


Ratliff, Jimmie


Robinson, Janice


Robinson, Jerry


Robinson, Rita


Yates, Connie


Yates, Greg


Yates, Leon


Yates, Marsha



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